Wednesday, September 11, 2013


When I took Owen to see our new doctor she mentioned there was a gymnastics studio down by Ryan's work.  I thought a gymnastics class for Owen would be fun.  I have to do something to entertain this boy all day and get his energy out.  He loves it, today was our second class.  He's nervous when we first get there but then he realizes moms not leaving and has fun.  They play with the parachute , do an obstacle course, chase hula hoops, and then go upstairs for another obstacle course, and cool down. 

Owen is warming up with the parachute.  They Shake it, sit on it and stretch, and run underneath.  He doesn't like the stretching part but they are allowed to wander around anywhere and don't have to stay with the class. He also won't leave my side and run underneath but has fun shaking it while others run.  

In the obstacle course thy crawl through tunnels, walk on beams a little bigger than balance beams, jump on the trampoline, jump through hula hoops, clime, swing on bars, and hang on rings.  Here are some pictures.

Then they come back together and take turns chasing hula hoops.  The first time he went and got the hula hoop then realized I didn't go with him, so on his next turn he wouldn't chase it tell I start to go to. What a mamas boy. 

For the last 10 minutes they go upstairs to a different room and cool down.  There is rock climbing board that leads to a trampoline then a slide, places to practice somersaults and cartwheels among other things.    They also do ring a round the rosie and get a stamp on each foot before its time to go.  They start and end the class by ringing a bell.  Owen has never wanted to ring it he's to chicken but at the end of class he rang it.  He also told his teacher slide today he usually won't talk or look at her but he's getting better.  

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