Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spearfish fish hatchery

Owen had such a fun day yesterday that he slept in an extra hour this morning.  I got to remember hiking tires him out.  It started though with going to clean the church.  Us and another family had small kids so we put them in the nursery while we went to work.  I was surprised that Owen stayed there as long as he did without coming to look for me.  Then we went home for lunch and a nap.  We were trying to find something fun to do as a family that afternoon most things close at 4 now that the tourist have gone home.  I found the fish hatchery.  We timed it perfect since it stoped raining when we got there.  We feed fish, went to a museum, and did a hike.  On the way home we stopped at a diner for dinner and Ryan got his fish and chips.  We also stopped off at target.  Ryan wanted to look at some electronics and tried to get Owen to go look at tvs but owen has moved on.  Instead of liking the tvs when we go to target he likes the toys.  He finds cars, trains, balls and of course the Jake and the neverland pirates boat.  We got  home just in time for a bath and to put Owen to bed.  Here are some pictures of the fish hatchery.

                                                        The entrance 

                                          I love all the trees and the bridge

        Owen feeding the fish balls.  They would jump up when we threw food to them.

 Our hike had lots of stairs Owen would sometimes let us help him and other times insist on doing it      himself. 

                                       Owen at the train to bad it's closed.

                              Quick stop to quack with the ducks.

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