Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bedrock city

As I said in the last post bedrock city was closing this weekend so it was now or never.  Do you guys know what bedrock city is?  Yea Flintstones!  I thought it would be fun since it had a train ride, park, car ride and movie theater.  It also has all the houses and shops from the show.  We started out walking through there houses and stopped to watch an episode of the Flintstones.  Owen lasted about 2 sec and wanted to leave I guess it's not the same as Micky mouse.  He however loved the park and of course the train ride. 

There were lots of cars to sit in around the town.


                     Choo choo all aboard.

The train stopped at this rundown ghost town for pictures.

Then we headed to the park.  It started with a drive in the flint mobile.   I think that's what it's called I'm not sure I'm a little to young to remember.  It had swings, slides and we introduce Owen  to a teeter totter.  He had lots of fun on it.

         The car ride around the park.

Owen was to chicken to crawl through the tunnel it was to big so he walked across it.  Then we found another train.

It was a hot morning but we had fun.

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