Friday, August 30, 2013

Rain hail and leaves

Owen loves to watch the rain.  It has rained a lot here this summer.  Whenever it rains Owen and I go out to watch it.  The rain gutter drain is right next to our patio and he scoop up rain water into his bucket.  Sometimes like today it even hails and he thinks its balls and makes me get some for him.  Today he woke up from his nap and laid his head on my shoulder, I took him outside to see the rain he jumps up and says balls.  After a few minutes the storm got really bad  and scared him so he wanted to go back inside and sit on my lap.  When it calmed down and was just sprinkling we went back outside.  Leaves had blown off the trees and were all over and there was a huge pile of hail.  So we scooped some up and put it in our buckets and had lots of fun.  While I was outside I noticed a few leaves had started to change color.  I'm so excited for fall, to see the leaves change color and all the small town festivals that go on here.  

                                             Owen playing with his hail.

                      Starting to turn yellow

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  1. The picture with Owen and his "balls" of hail is adorable. You are a fun mom, that is the best.