Monday, August 5, 2013

Mammoth Site

We finally had a weekend where we were feeling more settled, Ryan didn't have to work, and he was in town, so we went to the mammoth site in Hot Springs.  I was kinda worried because it was an hour away and Owen gets bored if hes in the car to long.  I just gave him the Ipad and he was entertained most of the way.  He did get mad because YouTube didn't work and he had to play with one of his apps instead.  Oh the problems of a  one year old in America.  Anyways, we got there and did the tour.  The site was orignally going to be houses but when they started to dig they found fossiles so right away they stopped and sold the land to the Mammoth site.  It was pretty cool.  Its an active site so they are still digging and have scientist come from around the world to study there.  After the tour Owen through a fit.  He was hungry so I went back to the car to get some snacks and then finshed off looking at the Musuem.  Fun fact all the mammoths they have found are boys no girls.  After we got done with the museum, in the gift shop, there is an area for kids.  They can color or dig for mammoth bones.  Owen had a great time.  He didn't want to leave and Ryan had to pry his fingers off the brush he was digging with and drag him out screaming.   I kind of wanted to go the beach, lake area but I knew Owen needed a nap.  He lasted just long enough for us to get lunch then promptly feel asleep in the car. 

Part of the dig site

Playing with a bone

This ones bigger

Ahh the mean old bear

The houses people built with mammoth bones!



  1. Future archeologist (I know that is misspelled). So cute and funny "u tube" really?!