Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 8 DC

First ever airplane
We Finally saw the National Archives Museum.   Every weekend I would say we we're going to the National Archives  and we would get caught up doing other things or Owen would be crying.  Memorial weekend we tried to go but the line was around the corner.  I thought it was just because it was Memorial weekend but we went again this weekend and the line was just as long.  We figured it was going to be like that every weekend so we waited in the line.  No pictures allowed but we saw the Constitution, Bill of rights, The Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta and we wandered through the other things on display. 

Airplane and space ship
Owen had been refusing to nap he took like two 10 minute naps and it was 12 ( He woke up at like 6)  I went to change his diaper and was caring him around patting him on his back and he just passed out asleep.  So sweet.  Most of the time in DC he would cry a lot but today he was an angel.  I didn't know if it was because we were inside, it was cool outside, or it wasn't as loud.  He even stayed asleep as I put him in his stroller.  Then we walked to the Air and Space Museum.

We got there just before they started a guided tour so we went on that.  By that time Owen woke up I feed him and we began our tour.  Owen had other plans though and wanted to play.  I gave up and went and played on the floor with Owen for awhile.  Ryan enjoyed the tour a lot more than I would of anyways.  I did catch up eventually and walked thought the museum after.

On our way home we ordered Cheese bread sticks and a Philly cheese steak from Dominos.  We like that better than there pizza these days.  It was perfect we even ate by a pond and threw bits of the bread to the ducks and geese.  We knew it was time to leave when the Geese started hissing at Owens toes.  Sorry can't eat my babies toes.

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