Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sinners Day 9

My boys Captain of the ship!
 Ryan and I haven't been to church since we have been out here.  About 3 weeks.  We promise to be faithful and go again when we return to Arizona in another 3 weeks but we are pretty much on a 6 week vacation.  Do you always go to church when you are on vacation???  I didn't think so.   We'll to begin on Friday I was going to take Owen for a walk but his tire was completely flat.  I swear it had a hole.  Ryan takes it to fill it  back up with air and Saturday morning its fine so we go on with our adventures.  This morning we wake up to it being flat again.  I was right it had a hole.  I can't go into DC without my stroller that's were Owen naps but we pump it back up again and it works.

Anyways, back to this fine Sabbath morning we were going to go to the Navy Museum and then to the Nationals Baseball game.  We'll that morning we find out there will be 2 players signing autographs and if you know my husband we have to go to that.  So I go buy him a ball to get signed, it came in a case and everything and we decided to the Navy Museum after the game.  We get there and walk the wrong way to get tickets and when we find the line it pretty long and they tell us the cheapest tickets they have is $95 or you can buy a standing room ticket.  We are not that dedicated to baseball, not to mention we don't have an extra $200 just laying around and I'm not standing with a baby for the game.  Now that I am typing this we could have done that since Owen made me stand with him the last game we went to.  O well, he was screaming by the time the game started and the tickets were still like $20.

On to the Navy yard.  Half way there Owen is screaming his head off.  He doesn't like the heat or being ignored for that long in his stroller.  Ryan carries him but he is a chunky kid.  Once we make it to the musuem I change him and I know he is thirsty cause Ryan and I are too.  So I feed him saying this is going to make you feel better.  I keep repeating it so he will eat.  Now I know he just wants to play so I send Ryan to look at the Museum while Owen and I play.  After awhile I Ryan comes back and we finish the Museum together.   Owen always tells us when its time to leave.  He started crying cause he was tired.  He screamed bloody murder halfway back to the car tell he feel asleep.

Fighting away!
Owens favorite way to be held

We couldn't go into the ship because its closed on Sundays

Running the submarine!

We decided it was time to repent and go visit the temple.  The GPS we have is 12 years old so it took us straight through the heart of DC to get there.  It was kinda cool to see everything and traffic wasn't bad since it was a Sunday!  I have decided on 3 places I could live if we moved there.  The neighborhood by the temple, the area we are staying in now, or Alexandria VA Mount Vernon area.

After visiting the temple and walking around the grounds.  I decided it would be so nice to get married there and have your wedding pictures on the grounds of this temple.  Not that I want to get married again (I love Ryan) or that the Mesa temple isn't beautiful,  but look at this temple... The Mesa one is just a box.  The grounds here were so big and green with flowers it was beautiful.  

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