Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving Day!

We have two more weeks left in the DC area.  We were renting someones basement, but now we are dog sitting in a huge gorgeous home. I"m pretty sure I want to take over there house and move in.  Four bedrooms upstairs, on the main floor; kitchen, living room, dinning room, and a sun room, in the basement another living room and bedroom.  The backyard is heaven.  A nice patio to go outside and enjoy the cool evenings, no Arizona heat.  Beautiful green trees, grass and plants.  Owen and I just came in from enjoying the shade and leaves blow.  The dog pretty much just lays there all day he is doped up on meds (doctor orders) but we still take him for walks through the neighborhood.   Not to mention they have every movie Chanel with there cable, along with netflix.  Someday I"ll have my own house, but right now its fun to pretend.

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