Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day #12 The Capitol!

Well this is our last venture into DC.  We had tickets to tour the Capitol building.  It was really beautiful inside.  Then we took a tunnel over to The library of Congress.  We stopped by the Supreme Court but it was closed for the weekend.  Next time we go to DC we will have to go during the week to see if we can listen to a case.  We have one more week of dog sitting.  I'm sad to leave its beautiful out here not to mention Owen insists on going outside.  He loves to listen to the birds and watch the trees blow.  What am I going to do back in Arizona when its 100 degrees outside.  I know Owen doesn't like the heat because when we go into DC and its hot he screams the whole time and when its overcast he dose fine.  Its a good thing my Grandma has a pool.  Well enjoy the pictures!


Library of Congress

Inside the Library of Congress!


View from the Supreme Court!

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