Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Road trip part 1 Sioux Falls

Our family vacation this year was to go to Chicago for a meeting Ryan had.  He took the week before off and we stopped in Sioux Falls, and Minneapolis on our way to Chicago.  On our way to Sioux Falls we stopped at the Minute Man site.  We watched the video about the cold war.  Then got to tour the site where they held the missiles during the cold war.  Owen and I just saw where they lived but Ryan got to go down and see where they could of launched the missiles. 

When we made it to Sioux Falls we checked into the hotel and bribed Owen to get back into the car by saying we were going to the park.  He was so excited.  I told him this park didn't have slides but we could play ball.  Unfortunately it was also cold and I didn't have any mittens for him, so he pitched a fit the whole time and by the end was screaming since his hands were cold. 

View from the tower

Time to go home!

The next morning we headed to Sertoma butterfly house.  They have an aquarium and a room full of butterfly's. 

Owen loved going in here and looking at the fishes!

The butterflies were flying around us.

I'm touching a shark!

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  1. The park looks pretty. What a cool idea to pop your head "into" the fish tank.