Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Road trip part 3 Chicago

First on our itinerary in Chicago was the The Museum of Science and Technology.  Owen loves the Science Museum in Phoenix so I figured this one would be fun too.  It wasn't as hands on as I thought it would be but there was one room for kids 10 and younger that he loved. 

Driving a tractor is his favorite thing to do.

Pump up the bubbles then look through the tube

Magnets and Tractors!

After the musuem we wandered around looking for the bean.  Owen feel asleep poor kid it looks so uncomfortable.  

The highlight of the trip for Owen was the Children's Museum in Chicago.  A building full of toys what more could a toddler ask for. It was also free for military so we were happy.

That evening we went to the White Soxs game.  There were lots of home runs and fireworks that Owen loved.  They also give the military free seats.  YEA!!!

 Last stop was the Willis Tower.  Owen was kinda bored he needed toys.  After this Ryan had a meeting so Owen and I could go rest and play at the hotel. 

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  1. love the look of disgust and boredom on Owen in the Willis tower. It didn't freak you out look down hundreds of stories? Glad you got to go to so many ballgames.