Sunday, March 23, 2014


Well its that time of year when Ryan residency will be over in a few months and we have to find a job.  He is staying with the Indian Health Service and they told us to start looking in December.  We applied to a few  like Alaska, Kansas, and Washington.  Then when I took my trip to Arizona I told Ryan I wanted to go somewhere warm so he applied to a couple positions in Arizona.  During this time he kept saying what if Rapid City gets an opening.  I said if so great but we aren't going to sit around and wait plus I was nervous the winter here was really bad.  The 2 places in Arizona really liked him and were waiting for some paper work to go through so they could offer him the job.  Our parents were thrilled we would be moving back with a 2 grand kids.  Ryan kept telling me he didn't think we'd be coming back to Arizona so soon and he wasn't sure it was the right thing for us.  Plus he was hoping Rapid City would offer him a job so we wouldn't have to deal with moving right after having a baby.    I was like it will be fine.  Then 4 months later out of the blue Yakima Washington calls him for an interview.  They really liked him to.  We were torn.  Do we move back by family to a small town, or do we go on an adventure to Washington where the hours are better and the town is bigger.    I must say moving back to Arizona in the winter sounds like a good thing.  Would I feel the same in July?  Then Yakima calls him with a job offer.  He tells me he wants to take it and I said ok lets do it.  We both feel so excited and all our doubts leave us.  Rapid City tells him the job they are hiring for needs to be a supervisor, which at this point Ryan is not qualified for.  Knowing we cant stay makes it easier to leave and Ryan has some cousins and his Grandpa in the Olympia area a few hours away. The town is a lot bigger than the small town in Arizona we would move to.  It has a mall, Costco, and a bunch of fruit farms.  It's 2-3 hrs from Seattle, Portland, and Spokane.  All his fellow residence are jealous because they want to move to Yakima Washington.  We are just blessed since we started looking right when we were told to instead of procrastinating. 

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