Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arizona update

Rapid city is freezing and Ryan was being sent to Nebraska for a month, then to Arizona for a month, so  I had a 2 month vacation in Arizona.  While the rest of the country was experiencing record breaking cold temperatures, this winter Arizona had record breaking heat.  

Owen and I had fun being able to go outside. 3-4 times a week we would walk to the park.

He loved helping one Grandma rake the leaves and the other Grandma clean her house. 


He would also beg to go to the garage to find hidden toys or cats.  He enjoyed chasing the kitties around. Since we have been home whenever he sees a picture of a cat he tells me it's Maddie and she is hiding. Then he says grandpa holds her.

A couple time we had a salon and Owen did his animals hair. 

We also got to play with new toys and visit with cousins one weekend.  Owen usually makes me play with him but not when his cousins are around they are more fun than me.

We had a couple outings while we were there.  We went to the zoo with my parents and the science center with Ryan's family.



We also discovered Owen likes IHOP.  He refuses most food that's not covered in syrup.  At IHOP he gets pancakes with syrup and kids eat free after 4 so we don't waste money when he eats 3 bites.  

We also got to be there for the Gilbert temple open house, dedication, and do a session there on our 5 year wedding anniversary.

Owen was also spoiled the whole time.  He ate way to much chips, candy, and cookies.  He refused to sleep unless some laid down with him.  He also slept a couple of hours less per day.  So as much fun as we had, I'm glad to be home and get back to his regular schedule.

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