Sunday, March 23, 2014


In case anyone doesn't know I'm 7 months pregnant and having a girl.  Its probably a good thing we are having a girl and not a boy because Owen likes girls more.  He was playing with some boys at the park then a girl shows up and he says girl girl and follows her around the rest of the time.  Anyways we don't have a name yet I guess its time I start trying a little harder since she will be here in a couple months.  She moves all around.  Owen was laying on my stomach and then he looks at me and says OW.  I guess the baby kicked him.  Since we've been talking about the baby in mamas belly whenever we see  something its either a mama or a baby.  Owen will be a great big brother after learning how to share mamas attention and when the baby will be old enough to play with him a little bit. 

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