Friday, December 27, 2013

Storybook Island

One of my faviorite things about Rapid City is Storybook Island.  It's only open Memorial Day to Labor Day but during Christmas they light it all up and have special evening openings.  One night we got all bundled up and headed out.  We told Owen we were going to see lights and Reindeer.  He was so excited to see Reindeer.  We walked around the park a couple times but decided to skip waiting in line for the train and to see Santa it was too cold.  

Since we didn't see the real Santa we stoped for a picture with the fake Santa.  As you can tell Owen is still skeptical about the statue Santa.

                                            Lights lights and more lights

                       The Reindeer Comet and Vickson were there that night.  

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  1. Owen's face with the statue Santa was priceless.