Monday, December 2, 2013

Owens birthday

So it was Owens birthday and I hadn't got him a present because he already has every toy imaginable and prefers to go through mom and dad's stuff.  So I went to target and got him a book and then we took him to walmart and let him pick out a balloon and a green ball.  Green is his faviorite color.  We tried to have him take a nap but he just wanted to play with Dada.  After an hour of trying I went and got him and the first words out of his mouth were dada.  Don't let that fool you, he is still a mamas boy, dada is just more fun to chase and wrestle with.   We introduced him him to Frosty the Snowman which he loved then took him to his faviorite place the mall.  He loves to play at the mall.  We stoped by Toys R Us on the way home to see if they had anymore play dough on sale and Owen screamed the rest of the way home because he wanted to go back to the store. That evening there was a parade we wanted to go so we got all bundled up.  On the way home Owen fell asleep since he didn't take his nap so we woke him up for cake and ice cream and then sent him back to bed.  

                                 The mall

 This is how Owen feels about wearing a jacket.  He was happy once the parade started and there was a bunch of lights.

                                  Owens cake he is saying hot hot

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