Friday, December 27, 2013


This is was our first White Christmas and I think I prefer Christmas to be a nice 70 degress.  Anyways Ryan's big present was a new hunting rifle so he can provide for the family when the world comes to and end and we are in the middle of nowhere starving.  I got a new fancy camera that I have to learn how to use but these pictures seem pretty good.  Owen was super spoiled and loved all his toys.  He also got some clothes and when I said look at your new jacket he replied no no.  He thought I was going to put it on him. 

All he wanted was to play with his new toy and mom wanted a picture first

Moms opening his toy so hes happy

Zoom in

Toy number one he forgot about the rest of the presents.

I told him if he opened this present he would find a car he's pretty happy!

With no family to visit we drove to Dinosaur park!

It was pretty slick good thing we had a rail to hold onto

Do you see the play dough in his hands he insists on carrying around
We had a great Christmas talking with family, opening presents, visiting to the park, Ryan grilling some yummy steaks, and warming up in the hot-tub. 

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