Monday, July 9, 2012

Flight Home

Ryan scheduled our flight home from Baltimore at 7:30pm.  I never would have done that with Owen just because that is when he goes to bed and who knows how well he'll sleep on the airplane but he bought the tickets so I didn't complain there was nothing to be done.  His reasoning was, his mom was flying in that day to take the car, and we could see her for a little bit, but that plan fell through.  We get to the airport a little early feed Owen, and I find some rocking chairs and rock him to sleep for his evening nap.  Then we find out the flight has been delayed tell 11 and the gate has been moved.  We'll I'm not leaving the rocking chair section tell it get closer to the flight time.  Then Ryan looks at the screen and says there boarding its leaving at 7:30 again.  So he picks up the diaper bag and with Owen asleep on my shoulder we run to the other side of the airport.  Of course Owens bouncing around and wakes up.  We get to the gate and a group of other people are running to board the plane, as well but nothing is going on.  It was a computer glitch the flight is leaving around 10.  We later find out LaGuardia airports air traffic control caught on fire and no flights were leaving so our pilot was stuck in LaGuardia.   Since Owen is awake I change his diaper only to have him pee all over himself and his PJs so he is back in his dirty onsie. Owen sleeps for a couple hours then wakes up for the most part he is good but at at about midnight he falls asleep as we are boarding.  I was going to the first empty row.  Ryan says if you wanted an aisle you might as well sit with this other guy but I said no.  I was hoping for a row to ourselves so Owen could sleep in the middle seat.  We got lucky cause there was extra seats and Owen slept during the flight only crying a few time cause he wasn't comfortable. We land at like 2am I went to change Owens diaper again while Ryan got our bags only to find out he peed through his diaper and I have no clean clothes for him so all he is wearing is a diaper.  Good thing its summer in Arizona so he doesn't need clothes.  We get home at like 3am get to bed about 3:30 and Owen wakes up at 5:50am.  Lets just say this is not a night I want to repeat.


  1. do you want to spend 2 nights in the zurich airport with owen??

    1. I don't even want to fly to zurich with Owen