Monday, July 9, 2012

7 months

Owens 6 month appointment was late due to our adventures in DC.  He was almost 7 months by the time we got him to the new doctor.  He weighs 19.8lbs, and is 28 inches long.  He is in the 91%  for height so we have hope that he will be tall.

Owen is getting too smart.

When he was cranky I used to wiggle a binkie in front of him and he would open his mouth and take it.  Now he turns his head when I try to wiggle it if that's not what he wants.

 He loves to chew on my cellphone.  I couldn't hear out it for a few days because all of his drool was in the speakers so I stopped letting him have it.  Instead I would just give him the purple cover and keep the phone.  We'll now he wants the phone not the purple cover.  He likes the light and wants what mommy has.

He is also getting more difficult to feed.  He eats in his highchair fine but dosn't want to drink his bottle.  I have decided its because he doesn't want to stop playing.  I started giving him something to hold like a toy or book or sunglasses and then putting the bottle in his mouth and it works.  If he drops the toy he stops eating tell he get it in his hand again then he will drink his bottle. 

He gets bored if we stay home all day.  So we got to get out of the house.  We went to kids club at the mall and he watched all the kids dance around and then we took a ride on the carousel.

We play with blocks, read stories, go swimming and bang on the piano.   He is getting so big. 

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  1. owen is so smart and so cute!! I will play with him all day.