Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pep Talks

Owen is a pretty good sleeper, for awhile now he's only been getting up 2 times a night. I've read a few articles that say once a baby weighs 12 lbs and at 3 months they no longer have the physical need to wake up and eat in the middle of the night. We'll Owen was 14 lbs at his 2 month doctors appointment, so I figure we can at least cut out one of the feedings. A few nights ago, I started giving Owen pep talks saying you can sleep longer you can cut out the midnight feeding and just wake up around 3. That night he didn't wake up tell 3:45. Yea I slept. The next night I gave him the same Pep talk and he slept tell 3:30. I was excited it worked I was only feeding him once a night.

Then we had a relapse. He woke up at 1 and around 4, the rest of the night I lay there listing to him moan and groan. Ahhh No sleep. Last night I gave him his pep talk again and he slept tell 4!! Since he starts crying and acting tired at about 7 and I give in at 7:30 and let him go to sleep that like 8 and a half hours of sleep for him straight. To bad I can't get him to stay up an hour later so I can get more sleep. Oh well he's usually pretty good about going back to sleep and if he doesn't I put him in his swing and I go back to bed.


  1. He sounds like a pretty good baby.

  2. Don't hate me, but Ava was an amazing sleeper. I'm scared to have another one because she was so good. She started sleeping 11 hours straight at 3 months. She always slept 6 hours straight from birth. The only problem in the beginning was she thought bed time was at 1:00 a.m. and occasionally she'd spit up her last bottle at midnight, so I had to was spit up out of her clothes and mine at midnight. I get less sleep when she's cutting teeth than I did when she was a newborn. Most of my nieces and nephews started sleeping through the night around 6 months after they started on baby food.

  3. Ya I remember you saying that Laura. He has been sleeping 6 hours since he was about a month. My problem is he wants to go to bed at like 7 but I want him to stay up a little longer. Last night he slept for 9 hours straight so I think we are close he just didn't want to go back to bed after that and I wasn't ready to start my day at 5am.