Monday, February 6, 2012

All About Owen!

Owen turned 2 months a couple weeks ago and today I took him to get his shots and wellness check.

Owens stats are:
Height 23.3 inches (53%)
Weight 14lbs 3oz (91%)
Head circumference 40cm (44%)

While he was laying down exercising or getting his kicks out at the doctors he was holding his legs up I never thought anything of it but the doctor says oh he's holding up his legs that's hard to do. He's doing Pilates moves. My strong baby.

Somethings Owen likes:

Looking at himself and Mom in the mirror. I say look there's Owen and Mom and he smiles at me.

Playing with Dad and having Dad bounce him on his knee then dip him down.

Laying under his play mat and watching the toys and lights. He will accidentally hit the toys as he swings his arms around. He has to be in a good mood for this one.

Sleeping in his swing all though the doctor told me I need to start sleeping training him and get him to fall asleep by himself.

Laying on the floor and watching the TV (even if its off) as I change him.

We can do Tummy Time for a couple minutes on the floor but for longer on Mommys Tummy.

And of course he likes attention! Owen Cries A Boo A Boo if he doesn't get enough attention.


  1. Ah... I can't wait to hold Owen again and see him smile.

  2. It's so fun to read and compare to Ava. She hated the play mat. She loved the swing too. She still loves swings. I like the picture of him in his blessing outfit too. So cute! :)