Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One more year in Tucson then where???

Ryan's 4th and last year of pharmacy school can be done anywhere. We will be coming back up to mesa but for awhile I had dreams of doing part of it in New Zeland. We were also planing Alaska, Puerto Rico and thinking of other places to go that would be fun. Ever since his first year when he mentioned that some students go to New Zeland I have wanted to go. Ryan said we could. I imagined renting a house on the beach and spending my day, laying on the beach getting a tan, becoming friends with the locals while Ryan went to work. Then I would of course learn how to cook amazing sea food (Ryan's favorite) it would be so good and I would start to like sea food. Then on the weekends we would have fun together doing all sorts of exciting stuff in New Zeland. Ryan also has 6 weeks of vacation and so we would schedule the vacation right after we got done with new Zeland and go to Australia for a week before returning home to Arizona.

Sounds fun right.... Well my hopes and dreams were destroyed. Ryan went to a meeting about New Zeland and its quite expensive. It would be $5000 just for us to fly there. Then we would have to rent a car, house and buy all our food. So I'm all set to go, but Ryan's thinks a little bit more logically then me and says; nether one of us would be working we'd get into a lot of dept.

Then he tells me its also cold there. I was picturing a Ha-wain tropical paradise. He explained its next to Antarctica and the warmest it get is like 56 degrees. Ah I don't want to sit on the beach all day with that kind of weather how am i suppose to get my tan. He also says he will be gone all day at different sites sometimes traveling to the other side of the city. Which means I would be home all day by myself knowing no one. And lastly he tells me he wouldn't go spend the extra money to go into Australia after. So I"m crushed.

Ever since we got married I've also been telling him I would live on the east coast. I love it out there its one of my favorite places to travel. I lived in up-state New York it was fun. So much history and things to do. Down side no family. Ryan's never been to thrilled about it he wants to stay in AZ cause that's where our family is. I agree what about a year or 2 out east???

Well last week he had to meet with his adviser to go over his resume (they do it every year) and she told him he has such a good resume that he could get any residency he wants after he graduates. We'll the most prestigious ones are on the east coast and California.... He knows this and would consider moving anywhere I want for a year or 2 while he does his residency... I'm shocked but excited. He's always said he doesn't want to live on the east coast or California. So what are we considering.... John Hopkins for the 1st year and Connecticut for the second (if I get what i want)... DC, and San Francesco and as alternates. Now I know he has to apply then be accepted he keeps reminding me. I'm just excited he is willing to apply. Of course we will also apply to some in Arizona don't worry parents. But since I'm not going to New Zeland anymore I dream of living on the east coast for a couple years.


  1. I would come visit you. I hope you settle close to me though. LOVE YA!

  2. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore - you could hang with Anthony and Jana. That would be so fun for you both.

  3. We're up in the air about where we'll be too. Lol. Have fun wherever you go. :)