Friday, April 13, 2012

4 months

Ryan and I took Owen to get his 4 month check up and along with that shots! At his 2 month shots he cried and slept all day so I was prepared to deal with crying all day again. Owen surprised me though he was so brave. He cried when he was shot of course but I picked him up after and comforted him and he was fine!! Yea. He had his whinny moments of course but for the most part he was fine. 4 month old shots aren't as bad as 2 month.

Owen is huge he is in 6-9 month old clothes already. He weighs 17 lbs and is 25 inches long. He is in the 84% for his weight (so he thinned out a little) and 77% for his height so he has a chance to be tall. We always say I hope he has Kevin and Trent genes for height.

Owen is thriving he can sit up for a few seconds by himself. He can also fall asleep with just a binkie, most of the time, he has been recently fighting me on his naps. However he is no good at Tummy time. The doctor says I need to do it more he is getting a flat head from being on his back to much. So all day long we spend a few minutes on our Tummys then switch to our backs for a break when he gets sick of it. Then after a few minutes back to the Tummy. We still do fun things like look in the mirror, go for walks, swing, play with our toys, sing songs but I had to go hard core on him since he fights me. He will stay on his Tummy a little bit longer if we have a musical toy to distract him or we play airplane on my legs. All day long we do Tummy Time this kid will like it, will crawl when he is suppose to and get the upper body strength he needs. I know he has strength in his legs because when he is sick of Tummy time he puts his head down and kicks with his legs and will move a little.

Lets all hope and pray he gets his upper body strength!

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  1. Love your blog, keep it up. You are such a great mom!