Thursday, March 22, 2012

4 months

Owen turned 16 weeks old. Wow my baby is growing up so fast. In the last week or so he has started to giggle. Its so cute he mostly does it when he sees himself in the mirror. So vain Owen come on. He also does it when Ryan blows on his stomach or his polar bear attacks him

He also likes to talk. The last couple nights he's woke me up talking (cooing) in his sleep. He also cries in his sleep. He tells me about his dreams when he wakes up. Last night he wanted to read me his bedtime stories.

Yesterday at church I was holding him over my shoulder and he saw some little girls in the row behind us and he got so excited and wanted to play with them. He was kicking and squirming to get to them it was so cute.

Owen has never been a big fan of tummy time. A couple days ago he found his way out of it and rolled over but he hasn't done it again since. Although, he is getting better at it, and likes it for a few minutes, but then he wants to be held.

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